Sance Ltd

Unbeatable combination of skill and talent

Sance Ltd is an engineering and design company established in 2002 in Raisio, near the Turku yard.

From the start Sance has participated in projects of marine, offshore and industry sectors. During the years the company has grown in the number of staff and diversified its knowledge in the field. Today Sance is globally known as one of the leading engineering and design companies.

Our employees’ happiness is our top priority. Investments that we make in our employees’ well-being directly reflect on their productivity and commitment, thus bringing the customer cost savings and reliability of delivery.

Our multifaceted team consists of experienced and innovative professionals: the senior designers of the company form a strong foundation, encompassing decades’ worth of know-how and experience from the field of marine, offshore and industry. The junior designers complete the package with their innovative and fresh approach, up-to-date expertise and command of the latest engineering software and tools. This team of professionals working in unison delivers an unbeatable combination of skill and talent straight to the customer.

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