About us


Sance works tigtly everyday with their partner companies.


We have over 30 employees, total resources being over 80 persons with a large network of reliable and experienced partners.

Our employees’ happiness is our top priority. Investments that we make in our employees’ well-being directly reflect on their productivity and commitment, thus bringing the customer cost savings and reliability of delivery.

Our multifaceted team consists of experienced and innovative professionals: the senior designers of the company form a strong foundation, encompassing decades’ worth of know-how and experience from the
field of marine, offshore and industry. The junior designers complete the package with their innovative and fresh approach, up-to-date expertise and command of the latest engineering software and tools. This team of professionals working in unison delivers an unbeatable combination of skill and talent
straight to the customer.

Quality and Environment

Sance has received the ISO9001 Quality Management Certificate in 2013 and the ISO14001 Environmental
Management Certificate in 2014.

The quality policy of the company is to provide professional design and consulting of an even and faultless quality by exceeding customers’ quality requirements. The quality objective is to maintain customer satisfaction at a good level and create long-lasting customer relationships. The purpose of the quality management system is to simplify and make sure that the procedures at all the work stages are always executed in the same simple, effective and fault-free manner. Sance is committed to the continuous improvement model in accordance with the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.

We try to take life-cycle assessment into account in all of our actions. This means that we pay attention to the environmental effects of each and every step of our product and service. We actively follow the changes and progress made in environmental and safety legislation and make sure that our operations always comprise with the law and regulations and lisence conditions.

We encourage, educate and guide our staff to pay attention to the environmental, health and safety aspects of their everyday work. We inform our workers of environmental issues and of the progress made in the field in our company bulletins. We are committed to constantly developing our operations and strive to use the nature’s resources sparingly and prevent the environment from contaminating. In our design we develop environmental-friendly solutions and aim to exceed the environmental goals and priorities of our actions


Our mission is to provide design solutions for client's needs


Our vision is to grow our position as the most recommended partner


We are committed to our core values - Integrity, Responsibility, Quality, Innovation & Excellence in long-term partnerships