New and innovative design services

New and innovative services

Before the

pandemic is tackled with the help of vaccinations and the cruise industry is up
and blooming again, we in the industry are still facing challenging times. At
Sance, we have been forced to think outside the box and to be innovative. While
Sance Projects has been working on Turnkey projects as usual, we have also been
innovative and built up cooperation, for example, for hospital and medical
areas. Together with professional partners we are able to update the current medical
areas to tackle viruses onboard. Additionally, also other cooperation projects
are built to serve a broader scope of customers. For example, 3D printing has
brought us closer to more individual and exclusive design and flexible
production of unique products both on land and sea.

Our pool of
professionals is capable and ready to support not only the maritime industry but
also other industries in many ways. We are able to utilize the skills of our professionals
more widely and also in the construction industry on land. We are hoping to attract customers needing
support and are capable of helping out also in larger projects.

Photoshop, Illustrator, ArchiCAD, InteriCAD, Rhinoceros, Cadmatic, Mars,
Kronodoc, PDMS, SolidWorks, Inventor, Vertex, ProEngineering, Catia, Plant 3D, Cads
and Magicad are only some of the software our designers have worked with in the
past. Additionally, graphical know-how, material knowledge, HVAC and interior
design together with different management skills, such as project management, both
on land and in marine areas is something we could help our customers with.

our old and new customers of both Sance Projects and Sance Engineering, to
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