Exceeding customer expectations


In accordance with the ISO9001 Quality Management Standard we are committed to continuous improvement of our operation and one of the most important ways to ensure this is customer feedback. Customer feedback is received, processed and implemented both during current as well as future projects.

The level of our client satisfaction has always been high. The topics that frequently emerge in received feedback are great team spirit, staying on schedule, effective project management and excellent quality management tools used in carrying out our projects.


In 2013 Sance’s Quality Management System received the ISO9001 Quality Management Certificate, proving to the customer that our processes and operation modes are always consistent, reliable and systematic.


The quality policy of Sance is to provide professional design and consulting of consitent and flawless quality by exceeding customers’ quality expectations. Our objective is to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and create long-lasting customer relationships. The purpose of the quality management system is to simplify and make sure that the procedures at all work stages are always executed in the same simple, effective and fault-free manner. Sance is committed to the continuous improvement model in accordance with the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.


In 2014 Sance was granted the ISO14001 Environmental Management Certificate, emphasizing the importance of environmental aspects and priorities in our design and engineering.


We take life-cycle assessment into account in all of our actions. This means that we pay attention to the environmental effects of each and every step of our product and service. We actively follow the changes and progress made in environmental and safety legislation and make sure that our operations always comprise with the law and regulations and license conditions.

We encourage, educate and guide our staff to pay attention to the environmental, health and safety aspects of their everyday work. We inform our employees in our company bulletins of environmental matters and of the progress made in the field. We are committed to constantly developing our operations and strive to use nature’s resources sparingly and prevent the environment from contaminating. In our design we develop environmentally friendly solutions and aim to exceed the environmental goals and priorities of our actions.


We use value engineering not only as a tool to reduce costs while maintaining value but as a way to determine the best solution for our customer to achieve quality, reliability and maintainability at the lowest possible price. We are able to provide suggestions that will bring cost and environmental savings not only for our customer but for the whole project as well.

Example cases of value engineering which brought our customers considerable savings:

Case 1: Smoke extraction system of a cruise ship’s main dining room (7300 m2)
* The yard’s, the AC-system supplier’s and the architect’s solution was 8 pieces of smoke extraction hatches. This seemed to be complex, large and heavy, technically difficult and expensive to execute.
* Our team suggested using air deflectors and grids which improved the quality and guaranteed to stay on building schedule. This brought cost savings of over 90% compared to the original system – the cost savings for the client were more than the invoiced amount.

Case 2: Design of prefabricated piping modules for cruise ships cabin corridors
* 30% faster installation work
* 25% faster pipe clamping
* Higher quality:
- no leaks at joints
- more efficient logistics and material management
- no schedule delays
* Less work on site:
- 1800 pcs of pipe joint work done at workshop
* Cost savings: 85.000,00€
- 30% savings compared to normal piping work